Monday 6 April 2015

Leap of Faith by Fiona McCallum

Title: Leap of Faith
Author: Fiona McCallum
ISBN: 9781743692400
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA
Publish Date: April 2015


Jessica Harrington is a promising horse-rider who dreams of representing her country. But the recent death of her father – her coach and mentor – has left her doubting her ability to continue in the sport. When she fails at the Adelaide International Horse Trials her fears are confirmed – and her world begins to fall apart.

Unable to bear seeing her well-bred, highly trained horses languishing in the paddock, she makes the snap decision to sell. She’s broken her own heart, but can’t see any other way – now she will just have to focus on a life without them. Her husband Steve and best friend Tiffany, however, can see through her bravado.

Jessica is dismayed when Steve brings home a horse from a clearing sale, a horse so skinny and forlorn he just couldn't leave it behind. Unwilling to be drawn back into the world of horses, she's reluctant to get involved. But when a summer thunderstorm brings on a life-or-death emergency, she finds she underestimated the heart of one little horse. Can Jessica put her trust in Faith?

My Thoughts:

As a lover of horses I was instantly drawn to Leap of Faith and I wasn't disappointed. Leap of Faith focuses more on the love of a way of life rather than romance, with the focus being on Jessica overcoming her fears.
Jessica was a hard character to like for the first part of the book and at points I had to put it down as she frustrated me with her snobbishness and elitist attitude...seriously, I could have slapped her. But I was drawn back by that glimmer of hope that Faith provided and the need to know what happened next.
Jessica's fears were very easy to relate to as was her impulsive decision making, in a way it struck very close to home for me allowing me to sympathize with Jessica's situation.
Leap of Faith is a lovely story of courage and dare I say it, faith. Well written and engaging, Leap of Faith was an enjoyable read.

Tanks to Harlequin Australia for the ARC.

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