Friday 19 June 2015

Looking for Podcasts

In my absence I have decided now is the time to start looking after myself more. You know, the usual way like eating better and exercising more... Of course, as fate would have it mere days after making this decision to be more active I happened to fall down the stairs resulting in an injured knee. My own fault for trying to navigate the stairs whilst half asleep and not turning on the light! Fortunately the damage is not too severe and I can still perform normal tasks, such as going to work (oh the joy!) but I am going to postpone any serious exercise for a few weeks until my knee is functioning a bit better. So what better way to pas the time than searching for things to listen to when said fitness time rolls around. I want something other than music to listen to, this is where you come in, my lovely readers... Can you please recommend some podcasts that you enjoy, bookish or non book related, I am open to any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

1 comment:

  1. I like The Infinite Monkey Cage for science, The Nerdist for nerdy stuff, Good Job, Brain! for random shit! Ear Biscuit is funny! I don't listen to much recently, but they're my faves :D Hope your knee gets better soon!