Friday 2 March 2012

The Horses Didn't Come Home by Pamela Rushby

Title:                The Horses Didn't Come Home
Author:           Pamela Rushby
ISBN:              9780732293543
Publisher:       Harper Collins Australia
Published:      March 2012


 The last great cavalry charge in history took place at Beersheba in the Sinai Desert in 1917. It was Australian soldiers and horses that took part in, and won, this amazing, unexpected, unorthodox victory. The men proudly claimed it was their great-hearted horses that won the day. But in the end, the horses didn't come home...

My Thoughts:

An inspiring story of courage and loyalty, The Horses Didn't Come Home, perfectly illustrates the remarkable bond between the Australian Light Horse soldiers and their mounts, while not forgetting the hope and heartbreak of the families that they left behind. 
Pamela Rushby has transformed the harsh reality of war into a heart moving tale that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. 
This is a fantastic story that should be on every schools reading list. 

ARC provided by Harper Collins Australia via NetGalley. 

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