Friday 21 March 2014

Books Recommended To Me #1

Working at a bookshop involves recommending books to many different people but occasionally the customers come in and recommend books to me. I love it when this happens. I love that someone has enjoyed a book so much that they come back into the bookstore just to let us know.
Sometimes they recommend books I have read or are on my TBR list and sometimes they are books that I have never even considered picking up and are completely out of my comfort zone. It has really helped me broaden my 'reading horizons' as well helping me become a better bookseller as I can recommend on a broader range of genres when the opportunity presents itself.
So I would like to say a big thank you to all the readers out there who go into bookstores and libraries and share their reading experiences with the people who work there.  I would also like to share a few of the recommendations that I received this week.

by Veronica Roth
I admitted to someone that I had not yet read this series and was promptly informed that I must read it as soon as possible. I will admit that I have been meaning to read it for a long time, I just haven't gotten around to getting a copy.

by Rainbow Rowell
Recommended by someone who hasn't actually read it yet but we both think it sounds pretty amazing.

by Rainbow Rowell
I am beginning to see a bit of a trend here, this one also sounds amazing.

By Robert Drewe
This one was a little unusual. It was recommended by my boss, she actually found she had two copies so she gave one to me and told me to read it because it was very interesting, so it has joined my TBR pile. 

Which books have been recommended to you lately?

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